Osmc and IAGL

Im using OSMC (Kodi 19.4) on Raspi 3, and I installed via the zach morris repository the Internet Archive Game Launcher (IAGL) and the Kodi Libretto (for emulators). And I have a snes gamepad (usb) attached.
Now I have a problem with the IAGL, after playing one or two games, the launch screen of the previously used games (the screen with Launch Trailer Close…) starts to appear spontaneously.
Without touching anything and at any time, these windows open one by one.
Is there any way to solve it?
Thank you very much

Fixed. The problem occurs only with some skins (in my case Amber). The official skin of osmc and Estuary do not reproduce the same error.

You may wish to report the issue to the Amber skin maintainer / developer.