OSMC and information such as "episode" "season" etc?

If I look at recodings in tvheadend they are tagged with “episode” and “season”. Yet I see no such info in OSMC, only the summary description. Beinga able to see episode and season would be useful when watching old recordings.

This is probably skin dependent. Try another skin.

Yes, Confluence has it, but I kind of like the default OSMC skin. I also found a thread from 2015 where some people asked for exactly the same thing. Can I change the appearence by modifying the skin?

Presumably by editing the XML files in /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/16x9?


If I edit here:

                    <!-- Channel preview & info -->
                    <control type="group">

                            <!-- Program name -->
                            <control type="label">

Then it seems to be the spot. However ListItem.Episode appears to return a blank, but ListItem.EpisodeName returns meaningful data, ie “(Ep. 7:8/s1). Witch of Wyckhadden.”

Anyway… Could I ask pretty please that you consider this for an upcoming release?

The OSMC skin is going to be removed very shortly. We don’t have a maintainer for it unfortunately


Bad news indeed. I like the uncluttered look and feel. May I ask what the replacement will be?

The default Kodi skins (Estuary)