So I’ve followed all the guides but still having an issue with IPTV.

Downloaded and updates OSMC to latest version.
Navigates to add on browser and enabled simple IPTV client. Typed in my m3u playlist URL, get the message to restart, restart the device but when I go to live TV it’s as if there are no channels installed.

Please can someone help, it’s driving me up the wall.

Using raspberry pi 3. Internet connection is working as Plex is working fine to a remote server I’m part of.

Pay attention to the date the how-to and .m3u was published. They tend to be outdated every few months since the free ones change quite fast.

Can you provide link to your guide and/or your .m3u?

The m3u works through my android client but trying to integrate it into OSMC for a more streamlined experience.

It’s as if nothing is getting pulled by OSMC to load the channels. Am I right I thinking that the live TV link should be used after setting up simple IPTV client?

Basically you type the URL of an external .m3u, e. g. bit.ly/kn-kodi-tv, or provide the path of a locally stored .m3u, just as you did.

After a restart (and a message like “importing 123 IP TV channels”) there should be a new entry in the home menu on the left that reads TV. That’s where everything starts.

If you did so, then it’s something different at fault. In that case please provide a log.

I’ll try and get the logs tomorrow.

I’m not having any message that it’s loading the channels, or any error message either!

Thanks a lot for your replies.

I had similar issues, eventually found that if any other PVR client was enabled the Simple IPTV Client would not work.
Disabled TVheadend and Enigma clients and all worked as expected.

Re-enabled the other clients and it stopped working!

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