OSMC and Skins - What features/views do you want in a new skin?

It could be I dreamed it but, as I said, I’m pretty sure at least in the old Confluence theme you could get a context menu (not the side menu thing) that said ‘play in party mode’ and it would play the current selection randomly …

agreed on keeping the basic layout and building on it vs going horizontal. :slight_smile: thanks for all the suggestions!! lots to learn still!!

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OK. new plan now is to actually re-use the OSMC default skin but expand it with more Movie views, more default items setup as examples. i’ve actually been able to do most things i’ve wanted w/the default OSMC theme after learning and messing with it for a few weeks. however i do still want way more selections for views in Movies to show plot/characters but in a clean, minimalistic way so i plan to add some new views for this.

new plan is to re-look at all requests on here to implement. rebuilding from scratch seems silly at this point now that i know how the default skin fully works. Good job @sam_nazarko and the theme author for allowing us to do all we need to! actually, maybe i just need to create documentation for the OSMC skin that is updated. :slight_smile: hmmmm… rethinking project now since i am good at writing tech docs/guides/user guides.

That sounds like a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good to keep the basic look and feel of the skin that most of us connect with OSMC until now, I guess. Just adding some features or customization options that would make the skin perfect for most, that’s also what I’d love to see! :+1:t2:

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yes, you totally can add this as a submenu item or as a widget. :slight_smile: i have this setup on my music . you have to add it as a kodi setting :slight_smile:

My Kodi skin of choice is “Titan”, as you can basically configure it to behave just about any way you want.

One of the best features for those who like custom menus is that the default isn’t bad, but disabling any of the items does not require you to delete it…only disable it. Most skins have a “reset” for the menu to get back deleted items, but then you lose all your customizing.

I really suggest that anybody who has a “it must look this way” requirement for Kodi take a look at Titan, since you can likely duplicate your skin of choice.

Isn’t that the same that you can do in the OSMC skin?

It’s also true with Transparency! You can turn items off/on.

I hadn’t seen that, as I loaded Titan almost immediately.

There are a few skins with that feature, but not as many as should have it, which is all. There should be no need to completely reset the menu to the default just to get back one item you mistakenly deleted.

Overall, the OSMC skin is definitely one of the better ones as far as clean and easy, and with decent configuration features. I’d like to see “My OSMC” items moved into a regular menu, though, so it could also be configured. It would be a good place to put a GUI config for some of the more common things that currently require using SSH. An example would be a “hardware enumeration”, which could do things like cat things in the /dev directory and output the result to the screen, so that users could verify things like HDMI negotiation.

Any new developments here?

I love the artic zephyr (vertical) . If someone could add a c.I.h (constant image height) version of this it would look fantastic.
Im using the scope nox skin on my jvc hd750 with a painted 21:9 screen and have no over spill, but It looks dated. I don’t mind cutting off some off the top and bottom off the image , e.g the dark knight, imax/16:9 back to 21:9
There should be a toggle switch on all skins (I wish) to mask the top and bottom of the screen. Please somebody implement this feature.

Absolutely love the vero4k.

@seamonkey420, any news?

As the OP didn’t follow up on this and the thread seems to be dead by now, a friend of mine and me started some work on the skin. The changes are ready to test now. Please have a look and give feedback on the changes:

I’ll close the thread for now as this should be discussed somewhere else from now on…