Osmc apple tv 1 remote

Don’t have any apple remote. What can I do? I’m stuck at the homescreen with no way to control it.

You could use the web interface, if you have an Ethernet cable attached. Or you could use a USB remote like the OSMC remote controller.

How do I start the web interface?

Plug in a USB keyboard then turn it on in settings>services. You would need to do this before using an app as well. Once you’ve done that you can just type in the ip address of your device. If you have Kodi set to use port 80 you only need the ip. If using a different port number you have to include that as well (ie

It should be enabled by default – but I don’t remember which version of Kodi we made that the default. The Apple TV version may be too old to have such a patch, but I doubt it.