OSMC April update Media Missing and watched status gone

Recently my pi’s all updated to the latest and greatest and my media libraries seem to be missing lots of media items. TV Shows Movies. Watched status is gone. Entire seasons missing from the library etc.

I have used a shared mysql library for the best part f 10 years.

Is there a way of getting my database/library back. Watching items on the new version does not update watched state.

Is this a known issue?



We have no way of knowing without debug enabled logs and the opportunity to find out why you aren’t seeing your v17 library.

Did your mysql user had the respective rights to create a new database? Did you verified that the new databases have been created correctly?
As you use a mysql setup I assume you have multiple systems running Kodi. Did you ensure just to update one device first to trigger database migration?

As for the missing items in your database you could try deleting the database that v18 built and the next time you open Kodi it will rebuild from your v17 info again. It is possible that there were errors during the initial conversion.

Many thanks to all who replied. I powered off all pi’s dropped the new (corrupted DB) and restarted one Pi. It migrated the last DB fine. I waited until fully finished then ran a Library update to add in the items that had been added since the update.

Watched state seems to still be an issue. Watching an episode does not seem to update the watched status or it is being ignored. This article sadly ended without a solution. Watched count of episodes is not getting updated on seasons-list and titles-list