OSMC as SAMBA server - change credentials for mount point

I have added a USB disk (preformatted as exFAT) to an OSMC installation on a Raspberry Pi and have installed the SAMBA server from OSMC app store.

The OSMC SAMBA share is at one level above the new media … which means that people who can access it are able to access the OSMC home directory as well as the USB disk.
That feels error prone to me (although I can see that it could be useful).

How can I set a new share with different credentials that only provides access to the USB mounted drive (and ideally to a named directory within that drive)?
The mechanism also has to survive OSMC updates.

This answer might be a bit harsh but, i would access shell and:

sudo -i
cd /etc/samba/
nano smb.conf

Here you got a man page for smb.conf : smb.conf

Another usefull tool smbpasswd : smbpasswd

Thanks - done

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