OSMC ATV1 and kodi repo addons Comet TV

I have testes comet TV from the oficial Kodi repo and found that every time un a comercial breal when the …we will be rigjt back… Should come up the ATV reboots .

I am NOT submitting a log as i only have an android tablet here and the ATV1 but the problem should be easy enojgh to reproduce just let comet TV addon run and it will always reboots on a comercial break

This behaviour does not occur on osmc on pi2

Looks like an issue with the addon, not an OSMC problem.


Sorry – but no log, no issue. Does sound like an add-on problem, rather than an OSMC problem though.

Addons is stable on raspberrypi2 osmc as well as Kodi on ubuntu 32 and 64 bit .

ignore it if you like, however the osmc atv1 seems quite unstable and crashes a lot .

with the no log no issue statement it implies you do not really care and nobody will even try to reproduce the error even if i have a log.

Not exactly.

I have a limited amount of free time – so I need you to help me narrow down the problem.

If you can’t spend one minute uploading a log via a completely automated process, then I’m unlikely to invest any time in your problem. Even if I find a ‘crash’ on AppleTV (which is an extremely vague description), how do I know if it’s the same problem you were experiencing?

I understand, and my time is limited too, I only just brought the ATV1 with me to another city where I have extracted a log

log is here

looks like when the “We will be right back” slate comes up it changes video modes thus causing a reboot. See end of log

Did you not see the link I posted indicating that what you have just described is a known issue by the add-on developers? I don’t know what you expect OSMC to do about it.

There is nothing in that link describing this same issue


Does this occur during commercials? The program stream is fairly low-def usually, but it does go up during commercials. I have seen some quick buffering on my fire stick during the transitions.

While the user in that thread states he uses fire stick and commercials only result in buffering, you are using an 8+ year old device that likely is not handling this transition as well. If you have no other media that creates this crash and you only experience the issue with this addon, then your issue is with the addon!

it is not a reasonable asumption that the issue is the same as on a differnt platform, nor that a reboot is unavoidable

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