OSMC Backup Tool: All Inclusive?

I use Aeon Nox skin on my Pi2 with OSMC. I’ve done a LOT of customization and it would probably give me a stroke to lose it all. :slight_smile: Considering BU options and I see the OSMC UI itself offers an option. My questions are:

  1. Will it back up all my Aeon Nox skin customization, including custom shortcuts (that seem to be created by yet another addon)?

  2. I assume I can take the folder the BU produces over to a brand new OSMC install, install the skin addon, use the OSMC UI to restore and then have all my setting restored. Is that correct?

  3. Is there anything the OSMC BU doesn’t backup that I should be do manually? I’ve customized remote.xml, advancedsettings, keymaps, etc. as well.

Thanks very much for your help.

You might be better off just taking a full image of the sd card.

If you have a Windows PC, just grab the card from your Pi and use Win32DiskImager to extract a full copy image. If you need to restore, you can write that image back to the sd card and produce an identical setup.

In fact, I did this just today when I converted from an old card to a newer one. Worked great - up and running in less than 10 minutes!

Will this work for upgrading from an RPI2 to an RPI3 ?

I had gathered the images were not the same.


Where did you “gathered” that? An upto date OSMC RPi2 installation will run on the RPi3

perhaps I was thinking of something else ( or not thinking at all ).

It’s good to know I can dupe the card and be up and running on the RPI3 when it arrives


You can also save your SD card through dd command onto your HD. A bit longer than manual action on SD card (it takes around one hour), but your PI keeps switched on, and you are free of SD card manipulations.

Due to FAT32 limitations, you will need an ext-x or NTFS partition on your HD

  1. Yes

  2. Not necessary top install the add-on. It’s already in the backup.

  3. This will handle all Kodi features/configs. If you are using other system customizations such as transmission installation or samba server or custom cronjobs, you have to address these another way.

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I have been imaging my SD card with Win32DiskImager for about a yr before each update (it’s how I keep the same image on 3 RPis, too), but I was thinking of a way to start with a clean install of OSMC, then restore settings to it. Seems like the OSMC BU tool will fit the bill.

Thank you ActionA!

Quick follow-on Q (I hope). If my goal is to:

  • Install a clean OSMC image
  • Install my skin & add-ons fresh from scratch
  • Restore just my skin customizations, Kodi setting, and xxx.xml settings from the OSMC BU tool
  • Manually configure my other add-ons

Is there a set of selections in the OSMC backup tool that would help me accomplish this? Any gotchas?