OSMC brightness issue on Projector

Hi All,

I have OSMC installed on a Pi 3B. The pi is connected to my cheap projector via HDMI cable.
The OSMC screen on Projector screen looks very pale & Washed out ! I have a fire TV Stick
hooked to other HDMI Port of projector and it looks bright crisp with the current projector settings.

I have to increase brightness to astounding level on Projector settings to get some brightness !!! Is ther a way to control brightness , contrast or anything else to make OSMC look bright and crisp on the projector screen ?

Just a bump up and hoping a get a answer

It might make it easier for the OSMC guys to help if you upload some logs so they can check your settings.

One setting that may be worth checking in particular is Settings / System / Display / Use limited colour range. What’s that set to, and what happens if you toggle it?

(But as I said, upload some logs and guys can check everything else too).

Well I did toggle that , which increases the whiteness / brightness by a little extent but overall still the screen is dim !

Normally if the picture is pale that implies it’s too bright so I got a bit confused about what you are seeing. Maybe you could take a picture of your screen with OSMC vs the fireTV (with the same camera settings - it’s always difficult to do these).

There’s no global brightness/contrast settings on RPi I don’t think - you can only adjust this for each video. But as @angry.sardine says there’s likely a problem with the full/limited range setting. Is it possible to change that setting on the PJ?

Thank you @angry.sardine @grahamh

I will sure try to get some logs and also the screenshots !

Yes I have enabled the limited setting under Display - Setting !

Sorry I might have used the wrong wording ! It’s not pale, the screen is very dim or have extremely low brightness !

I am projecting directly on to a white wall !

The image from Fire TV connected to HDMI port 1 of projector is very good and bright !

The image from OSMC connected to HDMI port 2 of projector is very dull / dim with extremely low brightness !

The display - settings - enable limited range increases the brightness by only a slight margin and the image still looks extremely dull / dim.

Ah, okay, in that case the “limited range” setting may not be involved.

Have you confirmed that the settings on the projector really are the same for both inputs? Most displays have separate settings for each HDMI input. You might perhaps try the effect of swapping the projector inputs round, see if that makes a difference. And check that both inputs are using the same settings for brightness, contrast, etc.

Check that the Pi screensaver isn’t kicking in as well!

Hi do I ensure the Pi saver is not kicked in ? Yes will try out the same projector settings for both HDMI screens !

Yes this seemed to work ! I verified the projector settings for fire Tv and put in the same set of settings for OSMC !

Also it’s worth noting that OSMC background is optimised for TV Screens and not Projector screens ! I also downloaded confluence skin !

It’s looks much brighter now after these settings !

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