OSMC Browser fail

Am new here have a problem

I installed OSMC 2017.03-1 with Kodi 17.1

Also goes almost everything, only the surfing the Internet is not
The AddOn Remote Control Browser reports warning:
• Pyton package missing psutil
• Pyton package is missing pyalsaaudio
• Pyton package missing pylirc2

This is in the log file, perhaps helps:
15: 45: 07.515 T: 1302328304 ERROR: CPythonInvoker (626, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/script.web.viewer/lib/webviewer/webviewer.py): failed to run To shutting down the interpreter

15: 45: 07.516 T: 1302328304 WARNING: CPythonInvoker (626, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/script.web.viewer/lib/webviewer/webviewer.py): the python script /home/osmc/.kodi /addons/script.web.viewer/lib/webviewer/webviewer.py The classes include: N14PythonBindings36XBMCAddon_xbmcgui_WindowXML_DirectorE

Who can help me with the problem solution: where gets the right software and how to install this ??


This would not work with OSMC as you would need a browser that could launch in the Kodi environment.
If you need a browser currently your only chance is outside of Kodi.


Everything works
Many Thanks
The question remains how to recognize which add-ons are suitable for OSMC?
Greetings from Thuringia

There is no generic answer to that question.
Most Addons will work but if something depends on an external program (that is not installed) or would expect a X11 server be installed it will not work.