OSMC can not play Webrip-10bit-PSA-HEVAC.X265

I have Pi B+ and install on it last OSMC .
I have some video files . These video are WebRIP-10bit-PSA-HEVAC.X265
but OSMC can not play these videos.
what I must do ?

Are they 1080p files?
This may be a bit of a struggle on Pi

No they are 720p

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You may need a modest overclock to play them

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I need another way help to solve this problem .
overclock maybe harm my Pi

I highly doubt Sam would suggest you do something that could harm your Pi

I think something like update or change config files , should solve the problem

Re-encoding your files to a supported format would be another way to go. H.264 is the preferred option I believe.

Read the FAQ on the Kodi site

The Raspberry Pi can only partially accelerate hardware decoding for HEVC files.

Isn‘t it the perfect time for self-advertising, Vero? :wink:


Playing H265 files on a Pi just isn’t feasible. I had very little luck with a Pi3. The issue is hardware not software. Pi hardware is pretty useless for it. Your best bet is to use something like handbrake to re-encode to H264. This is what I did before finally upgrading to Vero4k rigs.