OSMC (CEC) turns on receiver when waken up

The last few days I’ve searched the forum and web but could not find a matching issue I have.

The setup:
RPi2 connected via HDMI to Sony TV
TV connected via HDMI to Onkyo receiver

Sometimes I use only the TV output and leave the Onkyo receiver off. When I switch the TV input to OSMC the audio output should be honored. This setup worked while I was running the release candidate version (2015.12-4) of OSMC. Recently I installed a fresh copy using version 2016.02-2. Since the fresh install, when I change the TV input to OSMC, the screen is dimmed (idle) and when I use the remote control OSMC awakes (just to illustrate behaviour I see). At this point the Onkyo receiver is turned on (which I don’t want).

Note that the receiver is not turned on when I reboot OSMC, this only applies when switching TV input to OSMC.

When I disable CEC it does not happen anymore but disables also the remote control functionality.

How can I prevent OSMC to turn on the power of the Onkyo Receiver?

Did you look into the onkyo cec settings for toggle to disable the feature?

No I did not verify/checked TV and Onkyo settings since this behaviour was introduced with the new version of OSMC (not blaming :slightly_smiling:)

I wondered if there is a OSMC configuration setting I might use to control this behaviour.

Nevertheless, I will check CEC settings on TV and Onkyo and will update this post with the information.

Have you disabled “Wake devices when deactivating the screensaver” in Kodi?

After some more investigation I come to the following: When the TV input is changed to OSMC, the power of the Onkyo is toggled, regardless of the dimmed screen. The audio output is not changing, so the audio output is going through the TV speakers.

The HDMI settings on the Onkyo Receiver are:

HDMI Through: Automatic
HDMI audio output (main): Automatic
Audio Return Channel: Automatic
LipSync (Synchronize audio and video data): On

The HDMI settings on the TV are:

HDMI Control: On
Automatic Poweroff: Off
Auto tv on: Off
HDMI devices:

  • Recorder 1: HDMI port 2: Kodi
  • Audiosystem: HDMI port 1: TX-NR626

The setting “Wake devices when deactivating the screensaver” is turned off.

This was helpful for another user.

I disconnected all devices and then started adding them all back in. The problem was chromecast all along. Removing chromecast sorted the problem. Now I have to figure out what’s up with chromecast…

Thanks for the link, I reattached all cables without solving the issue.

The other HDMI devices are a amino settopbox (from TV provider) and a Sony Blu Ray player, both connected directly to the TV so it is not necessary to use the Onkyo receiver when watching TV or movie. I also tried a configuration with only the TV, OSMC and Onkyo but using this combination the Onkyo receiver power is still toggled whenever I switch the input from TV to OSMC.

There was a deliberate change in behaviour of latest libCEC:

opdenkamp has suggested he may make this configurable in a future update but it hasn’t happened yet.

You could comment on the github issue if you want the behaviour to be configurable.