OSMC crash on startup

Hello everyone,
I need your help.
I installed on a memory card, OMSC with KODI to connect this to my Raspberry pi.
Everything went smoothly, and as soon as I connected the card to Raspberry pi the system setup is done properly.
But once it does restart it goes up, you can see the icon of the OMSC but a second after that crashes and does not turn on anymore. I hung up and plugged in again.
I tried to format the card and reinstall but the same problem is repeated.
I would be happy to help you with this,
And sorry for my English

What is displayed on screen? Kernel panik or Sad Face?
Do you have another SD Card to try?

It shows me the OMSC icon in the middle of the screen and a colored background around, similar to the Windows operating system, and after a few seconds the screen informs me that there is no communication with any component.
I do not have another SD, but what’s strange is that the first time I connect it to Raspberry pi everything works properly and installs everything. After he does himself a restart problem appears.

Different colors of blue or multi colored?

Sounds strange, can you take a picture?

Different colors of blue or multi colored?
No. It’s the standard colors.

Sounds strange, can you take a picture?
This is a bit problematic,
But think about it like on a computer screen that notifies you that nothing is connected to the HDMI port which is not so true, that the raspberry pi is connected to it and a few seconds before the operating system started to rise and then collapsed.

Say you’re using OSMC on raspberry pi 3 as well?
What version of OSMC have you installed on it?

Thank You for spending your time to help me =]

Ok, so you are just loosing your display but there is no indication of a crash or what so ever?
That would indicate an issue with the HDMI signal or the graphic mode chosen. It’s a bit hard to guess which of the two problems is your case but you can try these options (try setting group and mode).

I am using OSMC an a Pi2, Pi3 and Vero4k all running the latest version of OSMC