OSMC crashes whenever USB HDD is plugged in

Hi, please forgive my noobiness. I just got my first raspberry pi (2 B+) and I want to setup OSMC to play media off my external USB hard drive. The problem is the hard drive appears to make OSMC crash whether I plug it in before powering up or I plug it in afterwards. Either way it just crashes and I am unable to interpret the reason for the crash. I am using a 2A 5V power adapter.

I have logs (hope I have done this correctly): http://paste.osmc.io/yenolikoqo

I should mention that this is my multipurpose hard drive and it has multiple partitions, some NTFS, some FAT32, some linux and a grub bootloader. I use it for a few different things and I want my pi to boot OSMC off SD card as normal but also let me add media from the NTFS partition on my external HDD to Kodi.

Thanks in anticipation.

it would appear that adding max_usb_current=1 to /boot/config.txt fixed it!

I believe this increases the max power output from the USB ports on the pi from 600mA to 1.2A. I am not sure why it has to be increased manually, maybe this is a power saving feature.

It’s because enabling that setting if your power adaptor is insufficient will actually cause problems. So it is off by default and should only be turned on if you have a good 2A adaptor.