OSMC crashing in middle of live tv

I installed latest OSMC to a Raspberry Pi 3 to watch live tv with. I have a tuner hooked up to my Ubuntu server that handles the recording and tuning of OTA tv. OSMC is configured to point to the Ubuntu server and has no problem showing the guide, setting up recordings, etc. When I watch a recorded show, or watch a recording show, or watch live TV, after a non-consistent amount of time, OSMC will give me the sad face and restart. I tried watching live TV and watching a recording through Kodi on a windows 8 machine, and did not experience this issue. I have the full logs here: http://paste.osmc.tv/soriwizahu

Thank you for any help.

What is the encoding of the streams? How is the CPU of the Pi looking while playback?
Have you tried copying the recording onto the SD Card and play from there?

I have not tried moving the recording to the SD card. Since this happens consistently on Live TV, that seems to be the more pressing issue. I’m not sure how to check the encoding of the streams. The server is using tvheadend to manage the OTA signal, but I’m not seeing where encoding would be set in there. I watched Live TV until it crapped out on me again and it consistently stayed at the same memory / CPU usage. The attached image shows what I was seeing throughout the entire time watching, with very little variation. This image is also caught right when it crashed, so there was no spike in any of the resource usage during a crash; at least what was overlayed on the screen. https://imgur.com/a/e80ni

Well I guess either pressing ‘o’ or ‘i’ during playback should show it.

But I recheck your earlier logs and it seems to be MPEG2
22:00:15.820 T:1545126896 DEBUG: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - id: 1, type MPEG2VIDEO, codec: 2

So it may make sense to buy the MPG2 codec for/from Raspberry