OSMC crashing

I have raspberry PI 2 with OSMC, deluge, sonarr and couchpotato. Everything worked fine for a month, but today something strange happened. First I restarted device, because screen was black. Then I couldn’t mount external disk and I couldn’t connect via ssh(connection refused). Then I restarted device again and saw on boot screen that I got some fails(ssh unable to start, and device manager either and some others). Later, somehow I managed to mount external disk but just one time, and now it doesn’t mount again. I tested couchpotato and deluge and I can connect to them and they work, but sonarr doesn’t. When I try to restart device, the screen goes black, but it stays like that. It doesn’t shut down and reboot. I have no idea what went wrong, the only thing different today was, that I tested Sybu Kodi app on iPhone. Does anyone have any suggestions, how to fix this problem?
Maybe updating to Jarvis would help, but I can’t connect via SSH, and can’t get to terminal.
If you need any additional info, I can post it.

This is my log from osmc:

Best regards, Klemen

Looks like your DBus service may not be runing.

Error: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory```

I would recommend booting in rescue mode and fscking. You may have experienced some corruption. You may need to reinstall the system.

I couldn’t get rescue mode, so I just reinstalled everything. Now everything works OK. Thank you