OSMC diskimage for a thin client

Hi there, I have a thin client and would like to install OSMC on it. Is there a diskimage availible like kodibuntu ?

Yesterday I tried openelec and that works fine but I like the looks of OSMC. SO is there a generic diskimage i can use ? If not would somebody kindly set me on the right path to doing this myself ?

I tried first installing ubuntu on my TC, that worked nicely and then tryed those command on OSMC website. but that all did not work it got stuck at 23% or something. I’ve tried OSMC on my RPi2 and it looks great! but my TC is far far faster than the RPi2.

Thank you!

OSMC is an operating system, not an application.
It is based on Debian-Jessie.

Kodi is slipped on top.

The installer you can download for Win/OSX/Linux is simply the installer, not OSMC.
When you run the installer you can choose what device you wish to install OSMC to.

BUT, today the only available builds is for Pi and Pi2 (and Vero of course).
However, my understanding is that it will be fairly easy to port it to more devices and my guess is that i386 and x86_64 builds have a high priority.

That said, if you want OSMC on your PC you have to wait for a bit as the priority today is getting a stable release for Pi and Vero.

Is there any update to this? Will there be a OSMC build for PC?

Yes there will be. We will announce it when it is ready.