OSMC does not boot after enabling wired connection

Hi, I have a strange problem : i have a raspberry PI3 with OSMC that was working fine with WIFI until i decided to switch to a wired connection.
When i enabled the wired connection in OSMC settings, the screen went black, now when i boot the screen is still black, i can see in my router’s logs that the wired connection is working for a couple seconds and then the PI hangs (or shuts down i don’t know).
I don’t know what to do since the screen displays nothing…

If you have no way to get ssh or console access then I’m not sure how we can help other than to suggest a reinstall. This is not an issue we’ve seen reported before.

Yes i’ve reinstalled a fresh OSMC. I kept the old SD card content (if someone wants to investigate this…), now is there a way to restore the settings/plugins/… from the old install ?

Plug the old card into a Linux machine and grab the /home/osmc/.kodi folder.