OSMC does not recognize all available space

Hello! I just installed osmc on my raspberry pi2 and it shows only 17M available of my 32G SD card. I am not viewing in windows this in osmc settings - storage. How do I get osmc to recognize my entire SD card?

What is the output of df -h?

Thank you! When I got to the cmd line and entered that command it showed that all of my space is under the root directory. Now I have another question, how do I get osmc to show that available space under the storage menu? Or better how do I get it to recognize files that I put in there? Please keep in mind that I am not an expert and this is my first day with this os

Storage menu ?

I assume you mean under System information. There is a bug in the OSMC skin that prevents the free space for the root directory being displayed - if you switch to another skin it will be displayed.