Osmc doesn't boot anymore since my last update


My Osmc, on Raspberry Pi3, prompted an update today. I restarted Osmc and since then I haven’t been able to boot anymore (Sad face loop). I can still connect in ssh and I grabbed the logs in the link below…


Might be a bad addon or skin; try moving mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-back

I already tryed this… without success

Your Kodi is crashing a;ready in the first second of starting so I assume a fatal filesystem error.
while your grab-logs still find a kodi.log.
did you run the grab-logs after you moved .kodi?


So try to upload one after, maybe we see something


Ok, still Kodi segfaulting.
You can try to reinstall Kodi with sudo apt-get install rbp2-mediacenter-osmc --reinstall but maybe something more serious is broken

I hoped , i wouldn’t have to reinstall… I will give it a try thx.

A reinstall worked for me… and I retrieved my previous settings in the .kodi backup that I made before.

Good news but still strange, I would recommend a backup of your data considering that there might be some early signs of a failing SD Card