OSMC Double Series entries

Hey guys,

I have a problem.

scanning on first User in Kodi every TV Show is scanned in perfectly.

Scanning on first User in Kodi some TV Shows are shown double. If I make clean library they dont clean up. For example is “Young Justice” double. One Series shows 8 Episodes, the second shows 9 Episodes. After cleaning library and after rescanning library for new ones, both are still there.

If I go now on one of them on “information” and click refresh it takes a bit and then one of the shows stays with correct episode count (17). It summed up both episode counts and made it to one.

Same with Thundercats. One Series shows 12 Episodes, one shows 18 Episodes. Resreshing via Information it shows afterwards one Serie with Episodes (30).

I deleted whole library and rescanned. First time it where around 45 Series double. Second time around 28.

With my first user none is double…

How can I find a solution to this?

What do your sources look like?

—>UHD Adults
—>UHD Kids

I added folder TVShows with “none” to library. Then chose of every 4 sub-folders series and local information.

With my first Account of my wife I dont have any problems. But with second account (mine) I have those problems, even after deleting and creating my user again.

I made “seperate” sources.

For everyone who may have same problem: I think it is turning on trakt.tv addon during scraping (I had local information only). Now that I didnt turned it on during the initial scraping, it worked like it should.

We had a couple of reports with Trakt tonight.
I’d try re-enabling in a couple of days and seeing if it helps.


I had a similar problem. I use external media library manager and set the scraper to local content only so it uses the external nfo created in the external media library. The trick is to use the library manager to rename all of your media content, then it will scan in fine. I use TinyMediaManager

thanks for your input @a_in_oz

I always used library manager like media companion and rename and tag my media correctly. Since three years I never had this problem.

For me, and my problem, the solution was to keep trakt.tv plugin off for the initial sync of the library. if the trakt plugin was on, I got double entries. If I disabled addon or didnt even install it for initial scan, everything worked out fine.

Turning plugin later after initial scan and it worked fine!