OSMC DVB-T2 Tuner Appears as DVB-T

hi I appear to be having the same issue as known on the Vero 4k on a Raspberry pi

i’m trying to Setup TvHeadend and it only reports the Realtek RTL2832 DVB-T Tuner but no DVB-T2 Tuner, it appears to be manifesting the same way as these threads

which appears to be a known issue on the Vero 4K is it the Same on the Pi? any workaround or resolution yet?

I’m trying to Receive from Crystal Palace but not able to tune anything from the DVB-T Tuner.

any ideas?

Please upload a log via My OSMC.

The tuner has been working on Vero and Pi for a while now.

Thanks that’s super quick response, https://paste.osmc.tv/naqisedulo

I’m pretty new to the whole HTPC thing so might be bumbling around so apologies if i’m not helping myself.

Have you read these?

Your log shows the tuner is being detected: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 1 (Sony CXD2837ER DVB-T/T2/C demodulator)…

which is good.

It’s likely a configuration issue as @grahamh has covered above. Crystal Palace needs a manual retune unfortunately.


@grahamh and @sam_nazarko Thanks for your super quick help.

I had read through the first 2 posts you linked but not the Third. which of course contained the fix was looking for.

for any one else who finds this. it was:


Yes, I think the trick is to step away from the Realtek tuner when you first install the stick. I’ll add it to the Wiki.

I had the same problem and I waste several hours convinced that I had a problem in my antenna installation a good idea would be useful to send any kind of user’s guide in order to help novices users unless via email.

There is a guide under the Wiki section

I would recemend that you test the tuner on a seperat linux box.

Try on kernel 4.2 or higher!

dvb-t2 was added to mainline kernel in version 4.2, so update if possible.

This thread is very old and the issue has since been solved.