OSMC DVB T2 - use in other computer

months ago I bought Astrometa DVB T2 stick for my MythTV backend and succesfully reached working state.
Now I bought Vero 4K and OSMC DVB T2 tuner and I was surprised, when this USB stick looks almost identical with Astrometa! Even archtecture is very similar - Realtek USB bridge, Panasonic demux, Rafael tuner. I fully respect that your OSMC device and cheap stick from China can be alomost identical, because I know the main word is “ALMOST”. The difference means support and stability.

I like your DVB T2 stick, so I want to buy one or two more and I want to use them as DVB stick for x86 Ubuntu MythTV backend. Please, can you confirm, that your OSMC DVB stick is still enough similar to work as Astrometa,with Astrometa kernel module and MN88473 firmware?

I am guessing you did planned your product for this use, but you are sucessfull. And succes sometimes atratcs crazy people :slight_smile:


Currently we still use MN88473 — if you order today this is what you’d receive. Our second generation tuner will use a Sony demodulator but it won’t be on the market for a while.

The tuner will work on Ubuntu out of the box.

We indeed base the dongle on a reference design (as does everyone) and change the bridge and demods. The Ubuntu kernel can correctly probe and configure the I2C demodulator.


Thanks for quick response.

To say the truth, I have second Astrometa, which arrived just few days ago. But this Astrometa use the Sony demux. And as far as I know, the Sony demux isnt supported by Linux drivers available.

I fighted with this second Astrometa stick unsuccessfully today for few hours.

Or it isnt corect information?

I didnt want to attack you or push you to reveal something about your business - I am just curious. And of course, your response, perhaps, with luck, can kick me correct way :slight_smile:

BTW, you did super work with Vero, it is my new star. I even have two PVR plugins together - remote MythTV for recordings and TVHeadEnd locally for live TV. Are you interested about publishing my experience in some small post in separated thread?


I’m not sure how they have implemented the Sony demodulator. The probing depends on the implementation.

We have a driver for it but it’s out of tree and still has some quirks.

The units you will receive will simply work out of the box.

Feel free to make a new post about your experiences :slight_smile:


I did some tests.

On Windows machine I have already installed drivers from Astrometa website. I connected OSMC DVB T2 stick to the PC and it worked seamlessly. I was able to watch DVB T and T2 channels.

On my Linux Mint I havent any SW for full TV watching, but w_scan utility was able to find both Realtek and Panasonic demuxes and was able to find DVB T and T2 channels.

As you wrote, all use referrence desing, and this means, drivers are working.

Thanks a lot, tomorrow I will buy second OSMC stick.

Great – let me know if you have any further questions