OSMc dvb tuner questions

Hi I’m looking to get freeview channels set up in OSMc on my Vero and on a raspberry pi that my mother uses so I was looking at using the official tuner from the store the only thing is where I live I don’t have an aerial I have a satalite and I think it’s the same at my mom’s house so from the research I’ve been doing it seems that I would need a dvb-s tuner not a dvb-t tuner? But I’m sure that years ago we had a freeview box plugged into a sky satalite not a free sat box I found one person on some site that said it’s possible to pick up terrestrial signals from a satalite is this right? If so I was wondering what socket is on the tuner is it a coaxial? Thanks in advance


I would doubt that

OK that’s what I was worried about all the dvb-s tuners are pretty steep i might buy a cheap freeview box and test that before i buy a usb one and find it not to work. If not I have an Xbox one that I could connect to a cheap freesat box via hdmi but i would rather all my tv was in osmc is there anyway i could extract the channel info from a freesat box to my Vero like I can with the Xbox one? Thanks for quick response

You could allways use a room aerial for DVB-T if you want.

We both live in pretty solid old buildings you don’t get kuch signal with a phone so I doubt you would with a tv I guess I could run a cable outside and just tie one to the satalite dish lol