OSMC / Emby server - Videolag but normal sound

Hi guys,

I have an issue with OSMC, even though I like the software so far. This thing is bugging me out and I want to get it fixed. I’ve been googling all over to find a solution, but so far to no avail.

The issue is that the video is lagging. A lot! not just every now and then, but all through the episode. It also sometimes shows the grey screens, and the glitching.

It happens with multiple shows. So far I’ve been able to watch 1 episode of a single show. All of the others do the lagging. They’re all MKV files.

Sound on the other hand is good, and runs smooth.

    • When streaming video from my Emby server, some MKV files lag in video BIG TIME.
    • I was trying to watch my shows
    • I don’t know how to replicate this.
    • A Raspberry Pi 2
  • It has a wifi stick in it, which is not used.
  • It is connected to the internet by cable.
  • HDMI → TV
  • Standard power which came in the box
  • No it was not introduced by a new version, I started off with the current version.
  • I have checked the files on the server for playback. No issues.
  • I have checked the files on an android phone for playback. No Issues.
  • I have checked the files on a Macbook (web interface) for playback. No Issues.
  • I have tried to change the following settings:
  • Refresh rate : 23.79, 24 and 60, No change.
  • Adjust display refresh rate: All, no changes.
  • Audio Output device: All, no changes.
  • Number of channels: All, no changes.
  • Output configuration: All, no changes.
  • Stereo upmix: all, no changes.
  • Resample quality: all, no changes.
  • Sync playback to display: All, no changes.

And MANY more settings.

What about Emby right?
So yeah, I’m running a Emby server on a windows 7 laptop with a SSD connected by USB.
Running the Emby addon in Kodi.
It works as should, epsiodes are read, files are found, everything is as should.

Log Files!

It’s driving me crazy by now that I just can not find the right settings, or the fix. Please HELP!

Mediainfo? Are the offending files mpeg2 and have you purchased/installed the codec?

I have not purchased or installed any codecs. I was not aware that I was supposed to. I’ll see if I can find them and install them.

If your files are not mpeg2 then this will not help

I’m not sure. How can I check?

mediainfo, it’s a program, google it

Obtaining mediainfo is described here.
To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

Checked, All files show:

Format: HEVC

Is that what you guys are looking for?

Three files check in one text!

Edit 2:
Also I have not installed any addons apart from the Emby addon.

They are not mpeg2 so the codec won’t help. They are hevc/h265 which are not hardware decoded on the PI2 playback will be questionable as there is not enough processor power.

So in other words, I’ll just have to make sure to avoid h265 files? So using Sonarr and Emby in this case is not going to work?

If that’s the case, I guess I’ll have to look for another solution :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

A pi3 MAY play them if the bitrate isn’t too high

When would the bitrate be too high? I’m not well known with media in that way. What should I be looking out for in that case?

I hear 720p will play which is what mediainfo says you have. Can’t you change transcoding profiles in Emby?

Note that I can’t say for sure though

See here Raspberry Pi 3 announced with OSMC support - OSMC

So far, all I can see on transcoding in Emby is;
Hardware acceleration: Auto or Intel Quick Sync
Transcoding Thread Count: Auto, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or max

Not sure if that would help.
Also there should be a bitrate option in the Emby addon. Will check that later. :slightly_smiling: