OSMC Exit to Console

Hi all,
read on the forum that Power > Exit should go to console, but in my case it just restarts kodi osmc.

Pressing ESC is not changing this behavior :frowning:

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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Is this an automated message?

Nope. Just pointing you to a wiki page that answers your questions instead of reinventing the wheel.

Hi DBMandrake,
I understand your point and to be fair, I would never have expected such a quick reply!

So first of all, thank you!

Secondly, as mentioned as soon as splash screen (OSMC splash screen) is shown I do press ESC but this does not seem to stop the regular “boot” process.

If I can provide any log to help chasing the issue, I am more than happy to find it.

Raspberry Pi 2 - Noobs - Multiboot with OSMC and Raspbian

Read that wiki page as simple as that all the information your asking for is right there at the click of a mousebutton

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You are indeed right.

I assume you’re using a standard USB connected keyboard ? Does the keyboard work within Kodi as well ?

I can’t think of any reason why pressing escape would not work - that code is well tested and has been in OSMC from day one. This is the part of the mediacenter watchdog script that checks for pressing ESC:

Make sure you don’t press any other keys before ESC or it will immediately return back to Kodi. You have 10 seconds to press ESC once the blue OSMC splash screen appears, or it will automatically go back to Kodi.

Hi DBMandrake,
I feel a little ashamed as you were right in the first place: just read the guide.

Problem was that reading didn’t change my usual behavior when stopping a boot process that is to hold the button for a little while.

ESC works perfectly.

Ah, if you were holding it it probably wouldn’t work, no. You have to wait until the screen appears then press it as a normal key stroke, as it is just the “read” command that is reading the key.

That particular screen is not part of the boot process as such, its a script that runs Kodi in an infinite loop so when you exit it re-runs Kodi without an actual reboot. Pressing ESC interrupts that loop and allows you to log in to a console session. A few seconds after you exit the console session Kodi will launch again and the loop resumes.

Is there any way to change the config so that when you exit that you go directly to the Bash (or whatever) prompt rather than having to press ESC when on the splash screen?

You could edit the script /usr/bin/mediacenter - but any changes there would be overwritten the next time we pushed a Kodi update, so this isn’t recommended.

I’m wondering why you want to disable it ? If the reason is that you want to get to a login prompt as quickly as possible I have a better suggestion for you - during boot as soon as you see the blue OSMC splash screen hold down CTRL on the keyboard until you see a login prompt - this will completely bypass loading Kodi, so no need to exit from Kodi and press ESC.