OSMC faild start after update

After latest update OSMC faild on start and still restarting.
I see some errors (photos)

Everything worked fine before the update

I try check services but systemctl always time out.

device: raspberry pi 2

Thanks for help.

Can you still login via ssh?
If yes upload logs via grab-logs -A

Yes i can, there it is.

Nothing directly catch my eye. Maybe a file system corruption.
E.g. wonders me that your sources.xml is empty. I assume you would have had sources defined before the update, or?

I had added some sources. I reinstall it probably is most speed way to solve the problem.

Yes, but you need to figure out why you had the corruption. If your SD card is not working anymore then a reinstall will lead to similar issue soon, same would be if your powersupply isn’t up to speed.