Osmc file transfer problems

I have an issue where i’m transfering files from the computer to the external HDD via a Raspberry pi 1, and the speed is about 3-3.5MB/s, which wouldn’t be a problem at all.
BUT, sometimes it slows down to 0kb/s and even asks if i want to overwrite the file that i’m currently copying with the file i’m currently copying (?) like the copy is already there and the pi slept meanwhile a second and wants to start copying again. I really don’r know why is this happening and i need your help.

Giving more details (e.g. Which file transfer protocol are you using, are you connected wireless or wired, have you tested your network connection,…) would maybe put us in a position to help you. Also how is your power supply looking? Is the external HDD self powered?

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I am using Samba for file transfer. The computer is connected to the modem, from there a long cable goes to a switch, and to that switch is the raspberry connected via cable as well. The power supply is a 1500mAh phone charger, and the external HDD is self-powered. Also, the raspberry is overclocked to around 950Mhz.

Here you can see the graph of the copying, it sometimes stops, and after a while it just simply “restarts” the copy without finishing, because of an unexpected network error.
Edit: with this small file I restarted the copy like 3-4 times, and after that it finished without any errors. Every time it stopped at like 60-80%, although at bigger files, the stop occured around that percentage too, so size doesn’t seem to matter here.

Look I don’t mind the 3MBps network speed at all, i’m fine with it. What I’m not fine with, and causes issues is that, the copy process stops for no reason and wants to overwrite itself, so I cannot actually copy the file to the HDD. Hope you understand it now.

Then you need to be looking at or providing samba logs to determine where the issue lies.

Well the power supply sounds at the edge.
Suggest to provide debug logs.

Indeed, forgot to mention that too. Removing the overclock and testing again could provide an interesting clue.

Wow, removing the overclock actually worked so far. Completely copied a 1.5GB file over to the ext HDD without any errors whatsoever, wasn’t the fastest, but it was flawless. Now playing it to see if it really is perfect.

This is a likely indication that you need a better power supply as @fzinken said. USB hub and networking are the first things to suffer when demand reaches maximum power available situations.

Thank you for help, I hope it will be fine for now :slight_smile: