Osmc for android tv box

Will osmc support android tv boxes in the future?If yes that would be great.


Android TV boxes is a bit vague, and that covers a wide variety of SoCs.

We have not ruled out support for any platform in the future, provided that it meets our requirements for inclusion (good vendor support; largely adopted; GPL compatible licensing)


Thank you for your reply sir i do appreciate it.OSMC on android boxes will be the hammer as i see so many people are asking on the internet about solutions.

One can easily install Kodi on Android systems. Kodi already provides an apk for Android that is available at http://kodi.tv.

Kodi can be easily install on android system but first is gonna boot the android :smiley: this is really annoying if you wanna use your box as a media center :slight_smile:

That’s the beauty of Android. There are dozens of third party apps that are capable of running an app, previously specified by you, on boot.