OSMC for Android TV Boxes ? I would pay for it

I know this is not the first topic about this…

I always preferred OSMC on my Pi´s. Meanwhile i use Android TV Boxes and I like the choice to start Android or different OS from SD Card.

I miss the option to use OSMC from SD Card.
And I understand that you have your VERO Hardware.

I would pay for a installable OSMC Software on my TV Boxes using Sd Card Slot and I think others would do the same.

Are there any plans for this in future ?

There are too many variants of Android boxes to make this feasible. We are looking in to the option of adding Android to Vero 4K.


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OSMC directly on Sony OLED A1 would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

OSMC is an OS – so it can’t run under Android.

You’re definitely right.
I forgot that.