OSMC for Android TV (Nvidia Shield)

So got an email today about Nvidia’s new Shield device that comes with Android TV. Will OSMC be supported for this OS? I wonder how difficult it would be to load OSMC on the shield. Tks

think your getting OSMC the wrong way what you want is Kodi unless you want a completely diffrent OS but i highly doubt that Nvidia devices is on the OSMC roadmap

More on this when the hardware comes out. OSMC is a Linux distribution. If the Shield can boot Linux, then it can run OSMC (assuming the drivers for the GPU are made available).


You can get Kodi beta by joining the Google+ group for Kodi and signing up for beta testing.

After that you can download Kodi via Google Play.

That’s what I did with my Google Nexus Player that replaced my Raspberry Pi with OSMC.

OSMC has its advantages but I haven’t regretted making the change to Android TV. The native support for Netflix was the game changer for me.

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