OSMC for Apple TV 1. Gen

Hi Sam.

I used to run CrystalBuntu, but haven’t done so, for some time.
Searching for CB2.0 I found out, that you had abandoned it in favor of OSMC, which I look forward
to getting to know much better.

But I was just wondering how far in development OSMC for Apple TV 1, is?

At the moment I’m running vanilla OS but really crave (I love that word :smiley: ) a more fitting experience on my ATV, and to test out the AirPlay feature :smile:

I’ll see what I can get done tonight ;). AppleTV has been troubling me: NVIDIA drivers and DKMS is tricky to package. Once we get it right though, we’ve unlocked Intel x64 too.



Pie in the sky wish here, Sam, but will there be any way to downgrade back to XBMC? I have several Frodo installs with a shared library, but one of my ATVs with CB2 is hosed, and I’d like to fix it, and keep my shared libraries.
Thanks for all the hard work.

Sam - tonight we’ll be hearing some good news?!

Any chance it will work with the Broadcom Crystal HD (BCM970015) decoder card out of the box?

This is one of the primary aims of OSMC for AppleTV.



hey Sam, so any good news for us? :smile:

Not for some time yet

ok, then i’ll give a go playing with isengard alpha2 )

so it begins!

[package] [kernel-osmc] Add AppleTV 1 support


Thanks for the work SAM. Just waiting for the apple tv install instructions check this out.

I usuall add drivers for the TP-TL-WN722N ATV1 usb wireless dongle to make the ATV1 wireless capable… Any chance I’ll be able to use this same one with the new build?

Our kernel should have a good level of device driver support. If your device doesn’t work, it will likely be due to missing vid/pid which I can easily fix


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great work Sam…await for the final push out!


Cant wait for an update!

Sam you’re the man!

I was just thinking of getting rid of my atv… but this might prevent that :smiley:

Hi Sam, been using Crystalbuntu on my three ATV1.s, so ain’t afraid to test drive one to distruction, all have been fitted with a Msata SSD drive, and one sports two internal SSD Drives using a double 44pin flat cable, all are very fast and with external USB 3 SSD Drives for my downloads means the ATV1 is one of the best media boxes around, but without your good work they are just another defunk box, so roll on your update, can’t wait. THANKS AGAIN SAM.

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Sam - You’re the man! And I am willing to donate Dropbox space when yah need it…at least to help you with some DR/COOP…

C0l. P4nik (Neal)

Very cool Sam! Looking forward to re-firing up the Apple TV’s - let me know if you need QA or code review!