OSMC: fps, slightly slow


Since the update 15.1. I feel a slight slowdown (fps slow) in menus home or playlists, I come back during playback

Is it because of the version 15.1?

Many Thanks !

Pi1 or Pi2?
Do you still get the effect after leaving it alone a while?
A lot of addons and database may be updating in the background.
What is cpu usage like? (ssh in and run top).

Logs is preferable if you want support, we cant guess whats going on in your machine :grin:


PI 2. CPU-KODI 20% memory free 600 Mb

Yes, you are right :wink:

here debug: http://pastebin.com/g01JhnmU

Did you see something?

If the GUI feels slow to navigate while video is playing try enabling Omxplayer in settings->video->acceleration.

I have already activated. It was active before the update. Other option could have been changed after the update ?

Is it okay when video is not playing?

In video/acceleration settings is an option “limit gui updates”. You can try setting it to unlimited, but it does increase CPU usage.

The problem appears only in the GUI, especially when I read a video and want to return to the GUI, then this is the worst.

Indeed, when I put on “unlimited” it lag less. I also disabled and I feel it’s a little better.

Before I did not need to do all this.