OSMC Freezes after the August update


After updating recently, My RP2 keeps freezing on me while I watch movies or tv shows.
As far as I can see the RAM and CPU usage is basically the same.
Also, been trying to log the temperature but it was about 55-60 degrees celsius all the time.

Please let me know if there is a log that you want me to upload.

Thanks ahead,

Yes, provide a link to all logs by use of the MyOSMC log uploader after enabling debugging and demonstrating the issue.

the log file is too big to be uploaded. I’ve downloaded the kodi.log file and it is 58 MB. Is it OK to upload it Google Drive or something?

Reboot the device twice please. This will dump the large file and we’ll have one small enough to work with. Second reboot is required to dump the large file because after the first boot it will have been renamed to kodi.old.log. We want to dump this file completely. After the second reboot, then demonstrate the issue after ensuring that debug logging is enabled.

After the freeze I can’t get to the device with ssh so reboot twice will delete the log file with the problem.

The scenario is as follows:

  • I Enable debug
  • Reboot
  • Plays a show
  • After about 5 - 15 mins the device freezes. No accesses via anything.
  • Disconnect power adapter and then replacing it.
  • Uploading log via Log Uploader.
  • Error - file too big.

In which stage should I reboot once more?

Prior to any of this.

Better yet… after the device freezes and you reboot, simply SSH in and issue the following command.

paste-log ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.old.log

And then provide the resulting URL here.

Sorry for the late reply…
This is a log URL after running the command you mentioned:


Also uploaded through the log uploader: