Osmc freezes/crashes red led

since a couple days my vero2 acts up. when watching videos the picture often stops, then fast forwards again and continues normal.
Also it often freezes/crashes where i cant access it via in kodi or ssh. A dimmed down red led I shown in the front.
…because of hdmi cec issues I once installed a newer kernel @sam_nazarko posted in a cec thread. Could this be the problem? if so, how can I revert? Or does it maybe overheat?

Edit: Here are the logs O grabbed right after reboot:
Im thinking it could have been an update. May update already?.. but as I mentioned theses issues happen more often

You seem to have installed a repository called ‘DudeHere’ that may be causing this issue. Can you try with a clean install with no add-ons?

Since I still don’t know how I would restore all my modifications to osmc (not just kodi backup), a clean install is out of question.
I can delete associated addons and the repository, it’s not actively used by me now. However the repository and add ons where installed quite some time ago and these issues started just recently.

Perhaps the repository updated some of the add-ons? I am not sure. The go-to for this kind of situation is usuallly to perform a clean installation. I would disable all add-ons you are not using or ones that may be causing a problem.

Does the device seem warm to you? I don’t think the device will be overheating, but it depends on your climate.


Yeah, could be true. Do you think removing this repository and associated in kodi won’t help? I mean are there folders or files in kodi directory I could manually delete too?

The case feels alright. On the bottom it’s warmer, of couse…

I’m not sure.

It’s difficult to say without knowing what has changed.