OSMC freezes if server is rebooted

I have 3 vero4ks connected to a server running W10 via fstab, used the instructions contained here:

Other than that, the V4ks are completely standard and on the latest SW update. 2 are on 5ghtz wireless and 1 is wired.

Whenever the server is rebooted and i come to use the V4ks, on the first navigation they freeze up with the progress logo. They do eventually respond, but it takes literally 3-4 minutes+.

Other than this they work absolutely perfectly and network browsing is instant.

I’m guessing i must have something wrong somewhere otherwise there’d be more reports of this, can anyone help?

Edit: In this state, trying to reboot a v4k results in a black screen freeze, if i just pull the plug and power it back on, its up in seconds and fully working.

Kodi is probably just freezing, rather than the whole OS. This can be confirmed by pinging or SSH’ing in to the device.

Unfortunately Kodi doesn’t handle drops in network connectivity gracefully.

That sounds reasonable, i’m able to press home and stuff in OSMC.

Is there anything i can do?

I don’t think so unfortunately


Really, nothing at all?

Can i create a startup script on my server that sends a reboot command to the v4ks? Can the v4ks reboot command be made forceful so it doesn’t just sit doing nothing? Can i get the v4k to unmount/remount the share when it freezes like this?

This is a super basic functionality issue, there must be something i can at least try.

It’s a bit odd to have a ‘server’ rebooting that much. Normally servers are rarely rebooted, to prevent thing like this from happening.

However, normally rebooting the server shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Does the server have a fixed IP, or is it using DHCP. Since it’s a server it needs a fixed IP, because if it reboots and gets a new IP you will have lots of problems.

Reboots are relatively rare, but it’s only running a consumer OS so updates will necessitate them. IP is fixed of course. This is all besides the point though, osmc should be able to handle a momentary loss of connection to its network source without requiring 5 minutes of waiting.

It normally does. I have no such problems, so I was trying to learn more about your setup.

Fair enough then, I’m not sure what else could be going on. I might try undoing the fstab mount and going back to the smb share and see if the issue persists.

That is correct. I have the same behavior with my NAS running Linux/OMV and connected through regular NFS.
I can connect to it through remote ssh and restart the mediaplayer.