OSMC freezes sometimes/Master User

Powered only by connecting to the pi USB? This will never work. Your 2500mA power supply will never support the pi and this DVD drive. You must use a powered hub.

It worked for me perfectly and the sad face was with videos without the USB DVD Drive.
Anyway, can you guide me for see which powered hub can I buy? (Then I’ll look in Spanish stores)

Thanks! ^^ :slight_smile:

There are lots of powered usb hubs around - but I’ve never looked in the Spanish shops (and it must depend on your locale).
My experience suggests that avoiding 7port hubs is a good idea, as I’ve had several fail (they tend to stack the ports, and the wrong one going can lose most of them)

Is this a good idea? Note: Is in Spanish, but the pics are in English

Doesn’t look like a powered hub

Is it powered? You probably want to look at something with a plug in 220v power supply as well as the USB connectivity.

You can connect it to a power suply but I’ll look more!

If you buy this too then it’ll be ok.

Ok, I’ll look for it. I hope that with this the sad face in OSMC will disappear.

I’m still thinking why I have now a new user on OSMC called Master user (As I post in the first post) I only run the SSH and I don’t know if that’s the reason or not :confused:

Can you explain a bit more? Do you mean in Kodi you have a “master” user?
How is it displayed? Did you install any addons?

Disable profiles

I can log in to that user clicking in the name and I can use OSMC perfectly but I was created yesterday when I connect via SSH for copy the code for buy the MPEG-2 codec.

Automatic master user login during boot - #8 by stefan_cervo I discovered this searching in the page 3 of Google.

Thank you very much

Hi again,

Will this work (The 7 port one)

Amazon is going to put a offer to that product in a few hours and I want to know if that suits perfectly or not.

Thanks ^^

As Derek says, 7 port hubs are often problematic.

Hi ActionA,

Do you remember the sad screen face? Now happens every time I try to log on. I can’t log in! I just made another SD card with OSMC until this get fixed.

Here it’s the log (I copied it from the SD card using Ubuntu)

EDIT 1: With a new installation in another sd card it gives me a sad face screen using the mouse. Maybe is that the reason?
Mouse: Logitech M90

Thanks and sorry for bothering

Booting without the mouse results in a stable system?

At the moment, yes

This would really seem to indicate that your power supply is not sufficient. If a simple wired mouse causes consistent Kodi crashes, then even without the mouse, your system is running with minimum amount of voltage necessary. This is likely why you are experiencing all kinds of other odd behaviors as well since anytime demand for amperage increases, the voltage of your PSU falls off. Get a proper power supply.

I read the specs before buy it and it suits perfectly. With Raspbian 0 problems with LibreELEC the same. I’ll try with another mouse anyway