OSMC freezes when listening Music using Titan Mediabrowser theme


  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • OSMC 0.9.9
  • Titan MediaBrowser theme with extrafanart activated

Use Case
When listening to music of Muse or Coldplay or any artist for which there are extrafanarts, the OSMC is freezing after some minutes.

Is it just the user interface that is freezing or can you no longer even ping the Pi’s IP address or connect via SSH ?

If the latter (a complete freeze) try dropping your overclock back to Normal if you have it set any faster than normal.

Do you ever see the multicoloured square in the top right corner ? (This signifies low power supply voltage)


Never seen low power notification and RAPIER skin works well with the same function (rotate artist fanart while playing).
Think this is a problem with the theme. Memory leak or something like that…

I’ve done some changes in the parameters. But I don’t emember which ones :frowning: and no more any freeze.

Thanks for the link; I think it could be the same problem

OK. I’ve done a reset of Titan settings and get another freeze. The freeze is only for GUI and relote control.
I can ping my OSMC and reboot it throught SSH (thanks a lot for this solution).

So, something strange is that when activating Lyrics; I don’t have any freeze.

So I suppose this is a bug with the theme, not with OSMC. So wrong place to publish…