OSMC hangs during music


Since the last update to 16.1 I cannot listen to music smoothly anymore, because every few seconds the music hangs and after 1-4 seconds ist resumes.

there is no regularity, sometimes it runs 1min without lag, then a lag comes after another.

I’ve got OSMC on Raspi-2.

The music and movies ect. are all saved on a NAS, playing movies is ok, only music makes this problems.

how can I solve this problem?

thanks and kind regards!


How many music files do you have in each folder? Does this happen with all music files or only ones over a certain length or when you have multiple files in a playlist?

Also please enable debug mode and post a log file immediately after you have replicated the issue. You can find detailed instructions on how to do that here:

This will help narrow down what is causing the problem.


thanks for the reply!

I’ve read the instructions, and I’ve made a debug-log.

but how can I get the log from the sd-card to my windows-pc?

there is only an install.log

thanks and kind regards!

You don’t need to get the log to your pc, you can upload it directly from OSMC. The instructions are in the link I posted above.