OSMC has a new website

Hi everyone,

If you're reading this, you're doing so on our new website! We've redesigned the website just before the holidays to make things easier for newcomers to get started and allow users to get the help they need as quickly and as easily as possible. The Wiki has been

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Nice work Sam/Mark as ever. But could we have a link back from the forum to the main site, or at least the wiki?

Yes, I’ve already planned that. Will be done soon.

Our store is unavailable in the interim while we refresh it with some great new offerings, including the widely anticipated Vero 2, but we hope to be back next week!

Just out of interest. Will the Vero2 also be based on IMX6?

Hi Peter

I hope you are well. The next Vero will not be based on iMX6


Hi Sam,

yeah got a bit of a cold … but that’s fine for this part of the year. Then good luck with the new box - curious - personally I think the Braswells are a very good investment currently. Will do the job at least one year - until hevc 10 bit gets the standard which won’t happen that soon.

One more advantage would be: Besides minors everything is already working :smile: