OSMC has wireless internet, Kodi doesn't - Raspi3

Hello. Pretty new to linux and having a go with raspi3.
My problem is that while OSMC reports wifi connection (i ping normally, used apt-get install wireless-tools since i couldnt iwconfig to workaround the wlan0 power off as some posts suggested), Kodi shows wifi Busy/Not connected and i can’t get any addons.

Tried to Update via MyOSMC as i’m writing those lines and its stuck on Starting Download.

Any suggestions?

Logs can be found here: http://paste.osmc.io/zevosajufe (i included my whole session)

You don’t need to turn off power management as OSMC disables this for you already

Toggling this off again won’t change anything though


same problem here, but with ethernet connection!
Through ssh I can run any command by CLI, but on OSMC I cannot open any stream/addon neither the weither forecast and the OSMC app.

The problem started few days ago, what I can do?

what can I do?