OSMC, HDMI-CEC Adapter, Samsung One Remote

Hi there.

I have a HDMI-CEC adapter from pulse-eight:

I am not able to read the long press from the Samsung One Remote - all other buttons work (arrows left, right, up, down, enter and return).

I have tried to activate logging and it does not seem to receive the long press but instead just recognize the long press enter as a single enter.

Have anyone had trouble with this and maybe have an idea how to fix it?

Kodi doesn’t support long-press via CEC. I think those things present themselves to Kodi the same as a normal CEC connection. Did you run across information somewhere that stated that Kodi supported long-press with this device? To get long-press you normally need to either move to a keyboard, a RF remote which has a dongle that presents itself to the OS as a keyboard, or a FLIRC USB.

There’s no official spec for long press via CEC at all, to my understanding.