OSMC HDMI video + second HDMI I2S sound

Hi folks,

I am looking ofr some advice or experience return.

My idea is to get the best sound out a network player when playing movies.
My Audio GD Dac has a free HDMI I2S input which I would like to use (and not the conventional toslink one).

I have come accross this player:

It holds the original Pi HDMI out and a second one for I2S audio.

Do you know if OSMC could be configured to output video on the Pi HDMI and auio on the I2S HDMI ?
If so, this player would perfectly suit my needs.

Thanks !

I think the best answer would be from them


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you are right, I did :slight_smile:
They say it should work but didn’t try.

So I am trying to find out, as I do not know OSMC, if in the settings it can be said that audio gies to the add-on board in hdmi i2s and the videi through the on-board original hdmi.

I don’t have this device so I’m not sure how it exposes itself to the OS. If it exposes an ALSA device it can work

I see Allo recommend OSMC (amongst others) for their Piano DAC so maybe the Kali also works.