OSMC : How to update?


I installed OSMC when I bought my raspberry Pi 2 a couple months ago.
I see OSMC RC2 is out.
How do I update my system ?
I don’t see any options on the system menu…

Thanks a lot.

Which version did you originally install ? If it was Alpha 4 or earlier you will need to do a fresh install as the Alpha releases can’t be updated.

If it was RC1 or later you can go to My OSMC->Updates->Manual Controls.

I installed the rc1.
In fact it was running with metropolis theme. So I didn t have the myosmc menu.
When I change the theme for osmc I could process with the update. It seems all is ok now

Just a last question : where can we see the installed version when the system is running ?


On other skins you may need to look under “addons” or “programs” to find OSMC settings - which in reality is just a Kodi “program” addon.

In the latest version of OSMC settings it reports the version number in the bottom right corner of the “pinwheel” screen where you choose between updates/networking etc.

As I’m always running the latest internal development version I can’t quite remember whether the version information display is in the current release version of OSMC settings or not - but if it isn’t it will be there the next time we update OSMC settings. From a command line you can also check with:

cat /etc/os-release