OSMC in car features

With a greatly functioning 7" touchscreen I intend to use the OSMC in a car.
Yes, I want to play 4.1 music kinda car-cinema. And yes I have plenty of musical stuff to play (DVD, BD ripped to ISO files on a 2TB disk gives hundreds of concerts).
Since I have to bypass the car stereo-radio, I need a volume control.

So my first suggestion, introduce an optional volume control next to the buttons for start/pause, fastforward etc. buttons.

Since it is dangerous (and also forbiden) to watch video while driving, introduce a signal from an input pin for activated brake, that will “mute” the movie and show only the control buttons. Even better introduce CAN-bus interface.

Since it is ddifficult to target the small buttons with a finger while driving, why not make the control buttons big (have a special menus for the car mode)?

Congratulations to introducing DSP functionality. Since it is difficult to set (guess) the phase and volume parameters, why not introduce an automatic meassuring of the real DSP sound parameters with help of test signals picked up with a microphone, like in some home-cinema equipment?

Since there is bluetooth interface on Pi3 why not introduce BT handsfree with mute etc?

Thank you for reading this.

Those features might be a bit out of scope for osmc, but here is somebody that has exactly what you need:

Edit: There are hardwareintefaces for the can bus to use with a raspberry, but I guess noone wants to be responsible for anything you do on the can bus.
So I think you are on your own here.
Kodi 16 supports dsp plugins, but support was just added. An automatic way to measure the acoustics might still be a fair bit off.

Hi mcobit,
Thank you for “listening”. I have spent my last months of free time (that I do not have so much of) searching for a mediaplayer, that would be able to play my collection of DVD.ISO and BD.ISO files mostly with music. Finaly the Kodi people succeeded in creating the player, that playes most of the files I have. (The latest problem was to play BD Amadeus, that sounded like played on an old turntable with slow belt - but it is now solved in OSMC) . So it is really critical, that I can use, what works for me and not get involved in another phase of hunting bugs in somebodys software :slight_smile:

I think with a decent touchscreen and elegant housing of the screen connected to Raspberry, working for the first time out of the box, there will be a boost of people able to take it with them like a tablet, that is programable. And one of the places, where they take it will be the car. So even if you think the trivial demands I ilustrated are out of the scope for the moment, they will be demanded very soon. Maybe not many will listen to 4.1 sound, since it is still quite tricky to play with 1DIN car stereo, but the features I suggested are pretty much the same for 2.0 stereo sound.

I have found a few CAN-bus descriptions on Youtube and it seems not complicated at all if one wants just listen to the messages - no need for HW interface, just 2 input pins on Raspberry board would do.

But as I said, thank you for listening. You people do a great job and we really appreciate it.

So did you have a look at the link? This is kodi with a custom skin to make it work with a touchscreen in the car.
He even made a hardware mod to a car stereo to make it fit into the din slot.

If you want features from the can bus, go ahead and start reading up on google, get coding something and sharebit with others.

If nobody else wants those features, nobody will work on it. You need to start doing work and others will join if they think it’s worthwhile.

This is the principle of opensource software. Everything is possible but see how long it took Kodi or OSMC to get where it is now.

Start this project and see how far it will get. Or join an existing one like the one I linked to.

Expecting others to do the work for you will not get you far.