OSMC in new Apple TV

Hi all,

Before anything else I would like to start this post thanking a lot everybody for this amazing media center. I’ve been using it on raspberry since it was raspbmc and I have a lot of good memories with it. Thanks a lot.

I was browsing the forum looking for a similar question to the one I’m initiating and since I didn’t find it, I decided to start it myself.

As you probably know, Apple has just released a new version of Apple TV with support for applications and the possibility to install applications that are not in the store without the need of a developer licence or jailbreak.

This means that in this new device is initially possible to install any application that one likes.

And my question is, are there any plans to look into the possibility of releasing an OSMC version for this device? A last generation Apple TV running OSMC sounds to me like a dream.

That was my question. Whatever the answer is I want to thank you in advance for it and again for all the hours of fun that I have had (and will have) with my raspberry running OSMC.

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Unfortunately that’s not the case - just like the iOS app store any apps have to go through Apple’s approval process, and any form of Kodi will not be accepted by Apple. One reason is that Kodi has a python interpreter in it (for Addons) that allows arbitrary python code to be run. This is simply not allowed in the App store rules, no exceptions.

This (among other reasons) is why there is no Kodi app in the existing iOS app store, and I can 99.9% guarantee it will never be allowed in the Apple TV App store either. Notice that Amazon recently pulled Kodi from the Fire TV App store as well.

I get the impression that you’re a bit confused between Kodi and OSMC. Kodi is an application that could (technically) be installed on iOS on the Apple TV if they would allow it, which they won’t. Or it could be installed via Jailbreaking, but there is still not even a Jailbreak for the 3rd generation Apple TV let alone the new one.

OSMC is an entire Linux based operating system that includes a bundled, pre-configured, tightly integrated version of Kodi. As such it would replace the entire iOS operating system on the Apple TV, but this is also not possible due to the secure boot and crypto in the hardware that will only allow a signed Apple iOS to run.

Sorry to disappoint you but your chance of seeing OSMC on the new Apple TV are zero, seeing Kodi in the Apple TV App store is zero, and seeing a version of Kodi running on the device at all hinges on someone finding a jailbreak exploit, the chances of which are quite slim based on the lack of an Apple TV3 jailbreak several years after it was released.

Hi DBMandrake,

Thanks a lot for your answer. It helps a lot. You are actually right in almost everything you say.

I did indeed get confused between OSMC and Kodi. I realize now that probably the right place to initiate this discussion was a Kodi forum. Just as I said, my contact with Kodi has always been through OSMC (raspbmc) so this forum was my first thought. This also explains why I couldn’t find the topic :smile: Still I’m getting a very good initial help from you and I thank you for that.

You are totally right that OSMC will never be in this new device without jailbreak, what after a third generation never jailbroken, chances are that never happen.

Also right that Kodi, the application itself, will never be officially approved to be in the App Store.

But I like to think (I’m a dreamer) that there is a slim remote chance to have Kodi there based on something that is now possible and it was not before. This is the possibility of sideloading applications without the need of jailbreak http://www.aftvnews.com/kodi-may-be-sideloadable-on-the-new-apple-tv-without-jailbreaking/

Still it looks very difficult. That’s right.

I will have a further look in Kodi forums and see if something is being cooked… or thought… or dreamt :smile:

Thanks a lot for your answer and for bringing me on the right track. You’re most probably right and this will never happen, but I’ll keep dreaming for a while… and continue to use my raspberry with OSMC.

Regards to all of you.


It’s me again.
Just in case that someone reading this post is interested on knowing more, there is indeed a post about it the official Kodi forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=238524
Basically the answer is ‘Perhaps, but for the time being just shut up and let us work’ :wink:
And yes… It’s probably way too early to know more.
My apologies if this whole post is considered to be an off topic in this forum. Please feel free to delete it if that is the case.
Thanks again for everything. I’ve learnt a lot.