OSMC instal problem


i am trully sorry if this post should have been somewhere else, but i didnt find any other appropriate section…

After windows instalation on SD Card raspberry pi2 aplha 4 version, i put it directly to raspberry pi2 and onto my tv (after succesful instalation) it gets stuck, it just wont load OSMC and i dont know why…
This is my second Raspberry pi2 with OSMC and on the other one everything works fine but on this one it just doesnt load the OSMC when it should.

Keep getting stuck on that section - TV says its not getting any signal from the device… :confused:

I tried that on two other monitors from my PC and it works but not on my TV :confused: i simply dont understand why… its getting signal when its loading but when it should load actual OSMC it doesnt :confused:

Can anyone help me with this pls ?
video with my problem: - YouTube

Thanks a lot

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From what I read you have 2 Pi2. If you swap the cards between the Pi2 does the problem follow the card or the PI??

I will try that tomorrow after work, because now i dont have the other pi2 here… i will report right away, if the other pi2 works

dont know why but second instal sdcard on different pc helped… thanks guys

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Have had this kind of issue with low quality SD cards frequently!