OSMC Install To SD Card Fail

My first experience with installing OSMC to an SD card today didn’t go well at all.

Install PC is a Windows 7 x64 computer with card reader, RPi is an original 512MB model B+, SD card is a SanDisk Ultra Plus 16GB (speed 10).

I’ve tried two methods: using the downloadable installer to install the 8/1 version, and downloading the install image to install with Win32 disk imager.

Using the installer on the freshly-formatted (FAT32) 16GB card gets me a partition of 239MB. I’ve used the SD Formatter program to reformat (shows 14.8GB free) then attempted re-install with the same results.

Next I tried using SD Formatter first (yielding a 14.8GB drive), then Win32DiskImager to write the image. I still get a 239MB partition.

What am I missing?

Nothing. Put it in the pi and it will boot and allocate the rest of the space. The 2xx mb partition only holds the base system and is extended automatically on first boot.