OSMC installer as Rasspbian installer

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This is a weird and slightly off-topic question. I really am impressed by the OSMC installer for Raspberry Pi’s and the option to simply set up an NFS install. In my experience NFS install is great. No issues with SD card corruption and even if something goes wrong all is on the NAS drive to start again.
Speed is no issue and it just works.

I was trying to find a similar solution for a normal raspbian install. But there first of all seems to be no official graphical installer. the install instruction is just: dd . And the guides for nfs root for raspbian are all multipage howtos. Does anyone know a good and preferably simple way to install raspbian on nfs root and or:

Is it somehow possible to use the OSMC installer to install a raspbian image in the same way as an osmc image. Or would this be a change request? (In which case, consider this a change request:-)

As a caveat emptor, I haven’t been able to test and experiment. I am currently on travels and only did a google/literature study…

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Unfortunately not – OSMC has specific code to handle this scenario. This is handled by the target installer.

We aren’t responsible for the development of Raspbian or its installer. This one would have to be directed at the Raspbian maintainers.


Thanks for your quick reply Sam.

Too bad though. The OSMC installer rules…



One more try.

Is there anything inherent you changed in the OSMC install for NFS? Disable swap, kernel settings, anything? Or could I just copy the install one-on-one to the NAS and mount it over NFS, taking the method of OSMC for cmdline.txt?

OSMC uses an initramfs to facilitate the NFS mounting.
The kernel does have some built-in functionality, so it would theoretically work with Raspbian, but it’s not been tested.

If you’re planning on running a media center, it’s probably best to stick with OSMC.

There are changes, but these are in OSMC’s userland.